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The Transcript Podcast Ep. 7

In this episode of The Transcript Podcast, we cover the rising optimism that the second half of 2021 will be better, the high e-commerce ambitions of Walmart, and the new form of internet identification that is UID 2.0. The Podcast is now available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify among other platforms and channels.

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Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction

00:20 – An accelerated return to normalization 

01:01 – Business travel is likely to normalize in 2022

02:33 – Prices in oil and gas could go up

04:51 – Software is the new language of business

05:45 – Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated

06:27 – UID 2.0 

07:49 – Walmart’s ambitious e-commerce plan

12:12 – Farewell to Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson

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